Manage temperature data anytime, anywhere.

Review all data on your TAURI temperature checking tablets on the TAURI Cloud. Whether you are pulling data from a single tablet or multiple tablets, the connecting process is simple as no wires are necessary during the syncing process. 

what can tauri cloud do ?

TAURI Cloud is a powerful companion to all temperature check tablets where users can compare day to day temperature data, review abnormal cases, staff entry information, manage settings on multiple devices and review entire history of collected data.

  • Export and Auto Send Weekly + Monthly Reports

  • Display Visitor Temperature Check Results

  • Display Staff Temperature Check Results

  • Add Staff Profiles

  • Temperature Check Analysis Chart

  • Update APKS, Website, Videos and Firmware

  • Remote Control and Monitor Devices​

  • Assigning User Rights

  • Install and Uninstall Apps

  • Detection Records in Devices


TAURI Cloud enhances the experience of all TAURI tablets.

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