Dual Camera.
Waterproof Glass.
Syncs with Doors.

Unique Features

IP65 Front Glass WaterProof

Dual Camera

Higher security and accuracy to

recognize a human face.

TCPIP Relay For Access Control

Connect TAURI with TCPIP add-on

module to control door opening.

Upcoming New Features

Temperature Check Analysis Chart

On Tauri Cloud

Display Visitor Temperature Check Results

On Tauri Cloud

Display Staff Temperature Check Results

On Tauri Cloud

Add Staff Profiles

On Tauri Cloud

Install and Uninstall Apps

On Star Control app

Update APKS, Website, Videos and Firmware

On Star Control app

Assigning User Rights

On Star Control app

API - Third Party System Integration

The data collected from TAURI devices be sent to a designated server of your choosing.

Remotely Control and Monitor Devices​ 

On Star Control app

Customizable Screen Saver Videos - Free Advertising

Options to play customized videos when no scans are performed on TAURI. This allows companies to promote their  brand/products with a personalized message.


Temperature Detector

The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz. The drivers are compatible with Linux, Windows and Android.

Stands for Installation

TAURI is VESA Standard and can be deployed  anywhere with our tablet stands and wall mounts creating a complete solution at ease. 

German Made Sensors

All sensors used are developed in Germany and tested rigorously for quality assurance.


Self-calibrate to increase the accuracy of

the infrared sensor.

An email will automatically be sent when a person has been detected with high temperature. The email will be a snapshot of their the persons face.

Set Email Notifications After High Temperature is Detected

Face Detection

Facial detection is a technology that differentiates a human face from other objects.

1. It can provide a reminder alert if a person is not protected with a facial mask - this is an optional feature in settings.

2. Taking a snapshot of someone who runs a high temperature and send an email notification - this feature is optional in settings - this is an optional feature in settings.

TAURI Application

An integrated application is embedded into TAURI, providing clear and simple interactive user interface and experience. It is easy to use and no extra installation is required.


The system is calculated with an algorithm for object heat and fast detection temperature accuracy, tolerance at +- 0.3 degree Celsius, with a refresh rate at 64Hz. 

Over The Air Updates

Newly developed features can be updated to Tauri's with one click.

Change the display message when a high temperature is detected.

Customize Temperature

Result Message

Customize Wear Mask Reminder Message

Change the display message when a

person is not wearing a mask.

Optional Facial Recognition

1. Recognize employees - employees can

voluntarily take a photo of themselves to be

locally stored in TAURI for employee/guest

recognition for increased security.

2. If an employee runs a high temperature, time

and location is marked and an email alert is

sent to facilitate tracking and decrease

the spread of infection.

360 View

temperature check tablet 7_




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