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Q: My country is very hot in the summer, does this impact performance? A: You are able to manually calibrate TAURI in TAURI settings and going to develope option to select manual or auto calibration. Q: How accurate is the Infrared Sensor? A: +/- 0.3 degree Celsius Q: What is the distance? A: 0.5 to 1 meter Q: What is the speed? A: within 1 second Q: How many people can it detect one time? A: 1 person at a time. Q: If there are groups of people trying to enter, will it slow-down the line of people entering? A: Yes, it would, people would still need to enter one by one. Q: Is the unit able to detect people of different heights (e.g. children, adults 3’ to 6.5’)? A: There’s a visible sensor and a camera that will show your face through the LCD screen. From there you can see your head and also temperature. Q: Is there a specified height the product should be placed? A: There is a camera in the tablet; as long as you can see your face in the screen, it will show. Q: How about people with head scarf? What point of the head is measured. A: Need to place head within 0.5 meter from the sensor for accurate reading. Q: Are there any data/tests available regarding the accuracy of this unit? A: The accuracy is at 0.3 degree Celsius which is provided by our component manufacturer located in Germany. Q: How many people per hour can pass through? A: Around 1800 person per hour. Q: Is there a chance it will overheat? A: It can get heated up upon long term use, but we have heat dissipation design to withstand this. Q: Is there a document from to explain that the measurement of the temperature is not affected by a person who just exercised or drank hot beverage (elevate body heat)? A: No, the sensor detects actual physical temperature. Usually when this happens, you need to do an independent check with that person. Q: Does the devices need a special configuration? A: Right now it’s just plug and play, no special configuration required. Q; Is the temperature is affecteded by a person who just exercised or drank hot beverage (elevate body heat)? A: The sensor only detects the current state of the body temperature, therefore, if they have exercised and their body heat have gone up from their normal temperature, TAURI would measure the current state of the body. Q: Can movies be shown on TAURI? A: After TAURI 3.0 or above, there will be movies and play list being able to show when it detects no one is infront of TAURI. Q: Is it possible to show on dual screen? A: When you connect TAURI through HDMI to another screen, both screens would show the same contents. Please note that this function is not on TAURI 7, since it does not have an HDMI. Q: How many records can it store? A: Around 5000 faces photos can be stored. Q: Will an error message come up in case the sensor is not able to read the temperature correctly (e.g. person too far away / does not get captured, or temperature is not in a specific range )? A: When a face is captured, there would be a green box stating TAURI has identified the face that is being scanned. If there are no green box around the faces, it means that the person is not being detected.


Q: How to go to TAURI settings? A: Please press the middle of the TAURI Screen for at least 7 seconds until you see a box that asks you for the password. The default password is "0000". For demonstration, please visit: Q: Do we need an app/software with this? A: We have a ready app that detects temperature and locks down through STAROS. Q: How’s the unit attached to the tablet? A: VESA 100 x 100 or 75 x 75. Q: Is there a user interface that will be running on the device or is this just a hardware only solution? A: Yes, it is a total solution of hardware, software and user interface. Q: How does the alert message work, is there display and sound too? A: On the display screen, it would show the person’s face, the person’s current temperature, and when it runs a temperature higher than what you have set as normal, the tablet would have an alert sound made. Q: Does the devices need a special configuration? A: Right now it’s just plug and play, no special configuration required. Q: How many langages does TAURI support? A: On Version 2.02 or above, there are French, Japanese, German, Simple Chinese and Traditional Chinese additionally available. Q: Is it possible to show on dual screen? A: Yes, after Sept 2020 orders, you can connect TAURI to a secondary monitor to display the same content as TAURI, however, there are no sound, only image. Q: During operation does the tablet need to be connected to the WIFI? A: No it does not, it only needs to be connected to WIFI during the OTA ( over the air) update. Q: Is there a sleep mode on TAURI? A: Right now it is at constant on, however there's a power button at the back that you can press that will black out the screen like cellphone. Q:Is TAURI Calibrated? A: TAURI sensor has been calibrated with a thermal black body before shipment. If you need to calibrate, you can calibrate in TAURI, after entered to settings, continously tap on the TAURI Logo, and you will enter to a developer option, and you can select to auto calibrate or manual calibrate. Q: Can the tablet be portrait mounted? A: Currently, TAURI is designed in landscape mode. But the new TAURI 7 will be in portrait mode. Q: During operation does the tablet need to be connected to the WIFI? A: No it does not, it only needs to be connected to WIFI during the OTA ( over the air) update, or when you first set TAURI up and entering the time zone, you would need the WIFI connection. Q: Is there a sleep mode on TAURI? A: Right now it is at constant on, however there's a power button at the back that you can press that will black out the screen like cellphone, except TAURI 10 and TAURI 7. Q: What is the micro USB for? A: Firmware update from PC or ADB to PC for development.


Q: Is there an option to store the data of people checked? If yes, how far back? A: This is currently in development with TAURI Cloud. Q: Will the database of employee/customer information be stored in the tablet or server? A: If you have registered your employee/ customer's face in TAURI, then, it would have their photo locally stored on TAURI. If you have not store any data on TAURI, it would not store anything inside. However, if you choose to purchase or use TAURI Cloud, the information of your employee/ customer will be in TAURI Cloud. Q. If on Monday you scan on kiosk #1, on Tuesday you scan again on kiosk #1 – your information would be stored so it will recognize you and on Wednesday you scan on kiosk #3 – does it have the information from kiosk #1 to identify you? A: The information will need to be store on a server or cloud to be recognized on the same data base. If there are no TAURI Cloud being used, each TAURI would only have its own data base and not cross check. Q: How are the images/scans identified? Meaning what is each file name – the employees name, just a random file name and you go thru one at a time and assign to each employee. A: It should be e.g. Dennis-Marketing.jpg ( The persons name- department.jpg) Watch this video for detail demonstration. Q: How would the data/files be encrypted during transmission? A: Yes, there will be encryption between cloud and local tablet transfer.


Q: Can it work outside undercover? A: TAURI is designed for indoor purposes and not for Outdoor, no direct sunlight should be pointed towards TAURI.


Q: Do we have approval from any medical body (e.g. FDA)? A: It’s not an approved FDA medical device, undetermined if this classifies as a medical device as it is not making any diagnosis. Q: Is TAURI calibrated? A: TAURI sensor has been calibrated with a thermal black body before shipment. When the sensor activates, it takes 2-3 minutes to auto calibrate to reach thermal stability. If it’s already been calibrated before shipment, TAURI will also auto calibrate itself when it boots up. Q: Is TAURI DSGVO ? A: Tauri is DSGVO compliant. Q: Is it FCC and CE compliant? A: Yes, it is EN 60950-1:2006+ A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011+A2:2013. FCC Rule Parts 15C.

Building Access

Q: Can it Open /close doors? A: On Version TAURI 3.0 or above, in settings, under Extensions, you can go to Device operation, and select e.g. Mode 3 - door control, and you can set when you want to open the door, under the set conditions. It is available on TAURI 10, 15.6inch and 21.5inch, you need to purchase our seperate relay board to control doors. For TAURI 7, the relay is included. Q: Is there the possibility of having an output or command to know the temperature? If the temperature is ok, the tablet should send an output to authorize the switch. For us, it might be good to have a "digital output signal" or a "command protocol" on USB or RS-232 or something else. A: You can connect our Relay Box connecting through the USB of TAURI. This allows TAURI to send signal to authroize the switch.


Q: How to enter to STAROS? A: Tap lower right corner of the screen 5-10 times and it would popup to ask you for a password. Default password is "0000" On the top, Unlock STAROS, password "0000". Q: How to change the default password?
A: After entered to Staros, select unlock app setting, write your new password ( 4 digit only) on " unlock password".


Q: Is there no possibility to save and record data and to access data from remote devices? Relevant data such as number of people checked, person’s picture, person’s temperature etc. A: This feature will be launched in TAURI Cloud, which is in testing phase now and completed by end of 2020 to be launched.


Q:How to use TAURI integration feature? A: Go to TAURI Settings, continously tap on TAURI logo, it would enter to developer option, on API, you can put your server URL in TAURI, it would send the temperature reading, mask status time and date log/ information sent to your designated server.


Q: Can I updated the software? A: Yes, you can go to TAURI settings, under update TAURI, you can select update application for the latest TAURI updates.



Q: Is it FCC and CE compliant? A: Yes, it is EN 60950-1:2006+ A11:2009+A1:2010+A12:2011+A2:2013. FCC Rule Parts 15C.



Warranty period

Glorystar Group (GS) warrants its products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for the duration of the warranty, which is 24 months from the date of invoice. The warranty status of a GS product is determined by checking the serial number of the product or component. Products with longer warranty periods will be separately mentioned on offer and order acknowledgement.

DOA period

A product is DOA (Dead on Arrival) if it is defective or does not operate according to the product specification within 10 days of arrival. DOA are collected by Glory star unless agreed otherwise in writing.

Repair Time/ Turnaround Time (TAT)

RMA (Return Material Authorization)
GS will normally repair a defect item and have it ready for shipment within 14 working days after receipt of the defect system by GS. If the quantity of defect item exceeds this Turnaround time, GS will instantly inform customer. For larger lots, Glory Star will confirm the repair time separately.

Void warranty conditions

The product warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the product and do NOT apply to any:

  • Service required as a result of improper installation, including incorrect or insufficient AC supply.

  • Damaged caused by other system components

  • Damage (including cosmetic damage), failure, loss or personal injury due to misuse, abuse, negligence, improper maintenance or storage, or to acts of nature or other causes beyond our control. ( Causes beyond our control include but are not limited to lightning strike, power surges, power outages and water damage)

  • Image burn-in

  • Product where the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or changed in any way

  • Product has been explicitly or implicitly modified, tampered, altered or repaired in any way by anybody other than qualified technical staff of GS

Concerning Pixel Functionality – your display contains about one million of individual pixels. Your display typically contain a small number of pixels that do not function normally. Your display has been inspected and is in compliance with manufacture’s specifications, indicating that any pixel defects do not affect the operation or use of your display.

Returning goods

RMA Procedure
The following procedure to return goods to GS for repair is used by GS:

  1. Send an RMA request via e-mail to including contact information and model number, serial number, invoice detail and adequate failure description of each defect product.

  2. Glory Star sends an RMA form to customer to fill in. GS determines if product is within warranty or out of warranty.

  3. Upon approval, customer sends the defect item to Glory Star (Flat D, 5/F, Excelsior Building, 364 Nathan Rd., Kowloon, H.K) with the following rules:​​​​


  • Each item should be well packed in the original or equivalent packaging to minimize the chance of damage during transportation. GS will not accept liability of any product damaged during transportation due to inadequate or insufficient packaging.

  • If the packaging is damaged in such a way that, according to GS, there is a fair chance that the inside product could be reasonably damaged too, GS will refuse the returned item. If Glory Star decides to renew the packaging to ensure safe shipping, this new packaging will be invoice to the customer.

DOA Procedure

  1. Customer ask for DOA request

  2. Customer will be contacted immediately and receives new product or repair priority status

  3. Glory Star will collect defected product(s)

  4. Product is shipped back to customer by Glory Star​


If it is within warranty, customer will be responsible for freight cost back to GS, after repair, GS would send the device back to customer’s one location at GS’s cost.

Method of Transportation
Glory Star will not accept shipping cost from customers who decide to ship DOA products on their own initiative to Glory Star. These products are collected by Glory Star unless agreed upon writing.

Repair Charges

In warranty and DOA items are repaired/ replaced free of charge. Glory Star will charge repairs for the following categories of items:

  • Out of warranty items – items for which the warranty has expired

  • Void Warranty Items- for which the responsibility for the defect or damage cannot be attributed to Glory Star see Void Warranty Conditions

A full repair report will be given to the customer upon request.

Non Repair Charges

If in or out of warranty items are returned for repair and no defects are found by Glory STAR, Glory Star will charge USD35 for investigation with additional shipping costs.



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