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AA Metals Forges Ahead During Pandemic

Contactless, Self-Checking Tauri Tablets Perform Safe Temperature scans on Employees and Visitors in Seconds at US Master Metal Distributor


When the pandemic hit, the company did what it’s always done — stayed sharply focused on continuous improvement and a high standard of operational excellence to ensure little to no disruption.

Senior IT administrator Nestor Rentas, Jr., began looking at possible solutions that would help the company comply with the CDC’s recommendations. Among those was the TAURI Temperature Check Tablet from Glory Star, commercial-grade tablet manufacturer.

The Problem 

The company wanted a product that was stress-free for users, affordable, and wouldn’t interrupt or slow down operation.

“We already had the company’s JARVIS tablets in our conference rooms for scheduling and at the front desk for our visitor check-in with much success,” said Rentas. “It’s critical to find completely stable products from the stable operating system to the connections and inputs and outputs.”

Based on that product experience, Rentas was confident the new TAURI would be the best solution for the job. Designed to screen people noninvasively when entering, TAURI is a contactless, quick and private temperature check and messaging system in one tablet.

It features an infrared sensor and body heat algorithm for temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and a refresh rate of 64Hz.


The Solution

Utilizing face detection technology, the TAURI tablet detects and differentiates a human face from other objects. Once a face is in view, it scans in less than three seconds and from up to three feet away, so no one ever has to wait.

In addition, AA Metals appreciated that temperature checks wouldn’t require additional manpower.

Reception staff would have to arrive before everyone else and add yet another task to their already heavy workload. Because the tablet is an autonomous solution, the company didn’t have to make any additional staffing or reception changes or implement an arduous and stressful check-in routine.

It immediately identifies when a person is running a temperature, and therefore should not enter the premises and issues a written alert. The system’s result message can be customized.

For example, if a higher than normal temperature is detected, the tablet can display a message such as, “Please wait for Human Resources to assist you.”

AA Metals Human Resources was able to customize this message without input or training from IT. TAURI is available in 7-inch, 10.5-inch, 15.6-inch, and 21.5-inch models and can be deployed anywhere. AA Metals selected the 7-inch model for both its main office and warehouse, which the company mounted on portable VESA stand.

“One of the value-adds of the TAURI is that it’s ready out of the box, so as long as there’s a Wi-Fi connection, we know we can trust it to work anywhere we put it,” he said.

Each tablet is embedded with the TAURI application, which immediately launches upon startup and doesn’t require operators to sift through menus or additional applications. After the initial setup and calibration, it’s ready to start scanning.

Since deploying the units, Rentas has recommended the TAURI to other IT administrators in manufacturing who have been similarly tasked to find solutions to implement the CDC’s best practices.

AA Metals utilizes a monthly digital signage service that charges a fee for each TV in their network. TAURI will allow the company to expand signage into other areas as needed without increasing their service charges.

“Since installing the TAURI tablets in April, there haven’t been any problems,” said Rentas. “That’s an indicator that everything is working the way it’s supposed to be because — trust me, we would hear about it if they weren’t working.”

Glory Star Speeds Up Daily Temperature Checks at Schools


Sakura Nursery School Selects TAURI Temperature Check

Tablet for Fast, Stress-less, Autonomous Scanning

After experiencing stressful and time-consuming temperature checks that caused traffic jams and lack of proper social distancing the Sakura Nursery School in Japan, selected the TAURI Temperature Check tablet. TAURI is a patented-pending contactless, highly accurate tablet that instantly and autonomously screens the school’s 370 kindergarten students and doubles as a messaging/digital signage system. 


“The response to TAURI has been extremely positive,” said Masahiro Hori, Sakura’s principal. “The children happily check their temperature every morning. The parents have said they’re glad that it has reduced the amount of time it takes to do checks, and teachers have one less job to do in the morning. In this aspect, they are back to their pre-COVID-19 work routine.”

The Solution

TAURI combines Glory Star’s expertise of creating and programming commercial-grade tablet solutions with the leading sensor hardware to create a fast, worry-free, and healthy experience. Because TAURI is tablet, it feels familiar and sets users at ease. A student simply walks up to the tablet and it intelligently detects their face from up to three feet away. It automatically begins scanning. Results are delivered in less than 3 seconds. The tablet’s sensor and body heat algorithm ensure a temperature accuracy with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 0.3 degrees Celsius) and a refresh rate of 64Hz.


TAURI solved numerous impediments for Sakura. It eliminated the need for another person to perform scans and prevents any contact with skin. As a result, it helps adhere to social distancing measures while promoting clean surfaces. What’s more, the speed at which it detects helps the school prevent long queues of students and cars. Teachers, students, and parents are able to proceed quickly on with their day with no interruptions.

For many schools, technology purchases need to provide long-lasting benefits to optimize budgets. With that in mind, Glory Star designed TAURI benefits to extend beyond a simple temperature check device. It functions as an affordable, easy-to-use digital signage screen, providing a long-term solution with a greater ROI. When the organization no longer needs to scan temperatures, the capability can be deactivated. The signage feature can continue to provide parents and students with important reminders, information, or sponsor campaigns

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