Success Stories

Sharing experiences from all over the world


Northwest Barber Association

Eliminated anxiety-inducing temperature guns and uniquely enhanced their safety protocols with the intelligent, contact-less self-service solution.


The Blue Orchid Hotel

Filmed in The Blue Orchid Hotel, Montego Bay. The owners of the hotel demonstrate how they are safely reopening with their new TAURI Temperature Check Tablets.


Sakura Nursery School

After experiencing stressful and time-consuming temperature checks that caused traffic jams and lack of proper social distancing the Sakura Nursery School in Japan, selected the TAURI Temperature Check tablet.


Willapa Medical Clinic

Tablet Speeds Up Registration Process, Helps Limit COVID-19 Exposure at Willapa Medical Clinic


AA Metals

When the pandemic hit, the company did what it’s always done — stayed sharply focused on continuous improvement and a high standard of operational excellence to ensure little to no disruption.


Logistic Warehouse in Greece

TAURI Temperature Check tablet is used in a logistic warehouse in Greece.