TAURI QR Code Check In

To simplify the process of filling out paper questionnaires and combining temperature checking in one touchless  process, TAURI QR Check in features allows anyone in school, clinics, gyms, corporations etc  to simply scan a QR Code to  answer questions on their mobile phone, directly sending their answers to TAURI Cloud for easy data reporting as well as scanning temperature results at the same time. You can customize your questionnaire, change it to any format, update anywhere, anytime and deploying to a single or multiple devices at one location. This feature allows you to implement changes to policies or necessary questions to ask your visitors to enhance security and reaction time to new policies. 

QR code check in _1.png

1. Customize your own questionnaire in multiple choice, check boxes or text format.  

QR code check in _4.png

4. Date Results can be downloaded in csv format 

  • With date selection 

  • Answers to questionnaire 

  • Check in / created time 

  • Temperature results 

  • Staff or not 

  • Wearing a face mask or not 

  • Department 

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7. Touch Free with QR Code Scanning.

QR code check in _2.png

2. Change your questionnaire anytime, anywhere to comply with the recent questions/ regulations.

QR code check in _5.png

5. You can set rejected answers that deny access. 

QR code check in _8.png

8. Easy to operate, quick check in process. 

QR code check in _3.png

3. Push the same questionnaire on multiple devices and update instantly. 

QR code check in _6.png

6.  Data Privacy - Selection of auto wipe out data days.

QR code check in _9.png

9. Option to turn off QR Code questionnaire feature to go back to temperature checking only. 

How to use TAURI QR Code Check In?

Step 1.
Build and customize your questionnaire.
www.thestarcontrol.com to connect your TAURI.

QR Check In_2.png

Step 2.
Scan QR code on mobile phone to answer questionnaire.


Step 3.
Answer questionnaire on mobile phone.

QR Check In_3.png

Step 4.
Scan completed questionnaire QR code towards TAURI.

QR Check In_4.png
QR Check In_6.png

Step 5.
Check your temperature.

Already Have a TAURI ? 

How to enjoy  this QR Questionnaire Check in  feature if you already have a TAURI ? 

For customers that already have a TAURI on hand, you may simply go to 

1. Press and hold on the screen of TAURI for 10 seconds until it prompt for a password 

2. Enter the password 

3. Select Update TAURI 

4. Select Update Application 

The latest version with this feature is 3.2.6