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TAURI is the pioneer of the temperature check tablet invented by Glory Star to help businesses control their entrances to ensure people entering into premises do not run high temperatures. The name TAURI was chosen as its one of the most luminous stars in the galaxy with a wide radius and related to temperature. The system is designed with careful craftsmanship, high accuracy within 0.5 degree celsius, 32x32 heat map pixel and a system that has been implemented globally to be the world class and first ever temperature check tablet. 

Glory Star Group has deployed more than 500,000 touch screens in commercial applications globally with more than 40 years of experience, our international team consist of industrial product designers, electrical and software programmers, manufacturing capabilities and consultants to work with our customers to make an impact and change to a better world. 


We have experienced “waiters pointing a thermometer to our forehead without asking our permission to be disturbing” while being seated down in a restaurant in 2020.
Wanting to help with our 40 years of experience in designing and making tablets, we created TAURI, a temperature check tablet that could detect and display your temperature result instantly with high accuracy at a good distance and self-serviced.
If we cannot bring the 180,000 or more lives back from the crisis, our mission will be to mitigate more causalities, getting our cities back to work safely , our children back to school at ease, making people feel less disturbed and stressed in the unfortunate situation, continuously and strongly bring smart preventive products to our community.